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Hi I'm leafpaintingjoyce


Artist Statement

I am a unique artist who works specifically with leaves and bean pods in Hong Kong.  With raw materials from nature as my canvases, I aspire to use my art to help reconnect men and nature.
I started painting with watercolors in 2014 and changed my artistic path to painting on dried leaves in early 2017.  I was first inspired by the tenacity of fallen leaves from Indian Rubber trees (Ficus Elastica), which became my first leaf canvases. I went on to explore artistic possibilities on different kinds of leaves from plants in Hong Kong and overseas.
While some may see my painted leaves as an up-cycling art or craft, I would regard painting on leaves as an interaction with nature.
Painters who work on leaves around the world tend to work on completely flat ones, while I also love to work with curled and damaged ones which give my works another organic dimension.
The subject matter of my art pieces ranges from landscape, animals, dancers, to childhood fantasies. My style can be realistic or abstract. The diverse textures and shapes of my canvases from nature have inspired me with different compositions and approaches in my art.
My works can be put in frames as decorative art objects. They can also be put on as jewelry and accessories. When presented as installation art or happenings in nature or urban settings, my works are aimed at provoking imagination and intense emotions.



Thank you for reviewing the leafpaintingjoyce Art Portfolio. Please get in touch to find out more.

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